The Gavala Art Foundry concentrates in casting statues in bronze and aluminum using the �loss wax� method, a technique that has its origin to the ancient Greek.

 There is a variety of stages to this method:

a) The first is the development of a plaster mould from the unique statue, rubber and plaster moulds can be prepared in all sizes and combinations.

b) Then by using the mould a wax model is made identical to the original statue

c) The wax model is filled with fire clay and it is retouched by the sculpture or by the experienced craftsmen of the foundry

d) The corrected wax model is filled by fire clay and it is set to the �owen� for a period of 15 days to a temperature up to 300 degrees,

e) Liquid bronze is poured at the place of the wax that has been �lost�

f) Hiquly trained craftsmen process the bronze surface of the statue, finishing stage

g) Patination, hot and cold patinas can be apply on to the statue �coloring� it 

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