The Gavala Art Foundry focus in casting small and large scale statues in bronze and aluminum, also in art work that can be given as professional gifts by well known organizations in conferences, in companies anniversaries and in National holidays as Christmas, New Year Eve, Easter ecs. In addition the Gavala Foundry works on architectural constractions, hotel main entrances, inside staires and fireplaces in modern flats and offices. The Gavala foundry also provides services of maintenance and repairing of monuments and statues in order to preserve the original work and its patina.

Our work can be seen all over Greece but also in New York, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Karakas-Venezuela, Barcelona, Atlanta, Solt-lake City-USA, Toronto, Leukosia, Bratislava and many more

All the well-known Greek sculptures, such as Moralis, Sarakatsianos, Zogolopoulos, Gikas, Makris, Korovesi, Parmakelis etch, many European ones and the majority of the new era of Modern Greek sculptures have caste their work in the Gavala Foundry during the 43 years of its history.






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