The Gavala foundry was established in 1962 in Athens by the sculpture Dimitri Gavala, who by using the knowledge of the bronze casting process introduced the first modern foundry in Greece. Since then it has been the leader in the Greek sculpture history. The entire well known Greek sculptures have made their work in bronze in its establishment. Artists like Zoggolopulos, Lameras, Parmakelis, Gikas, Takis,Mara Karetsou, Parmakelis etc. use the Gavala foundry because they believe at the quality of its work, the punctuality and most of all they new that it was the best combination of quality work and price. All the Greek sculptures and many European ones caste their work at its modern facilities, using advanced materials and methods by highly qualified and experienced craftsmen. Mrs. Margarita Gavala and her son Nikolaos Gavalas after the death of the founder took over the management of the foundry and the last eight years have invested a lot in modernizing the casting process and in reeducated its craftsmen to new methods and materials. Gavala foundry can handle any type and size of statues in bronze and aluminum, providing high quality results, on time deliveries and very competitive prices.  

In 18th September 1989 at the Gavala foundry, Americans and Soviets Generals melt metal from their rockets producing an alloy that was used in order to cast two shields and a statue of “Peace” that later one were sent to the space (universe) .

Work of the Gavala foundry can be seeing all over Greece but also in many cities around the world such as New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Mosque, Las Palmas, Montreal, Karakas-Venezuela, Barcelona, Atlanta, Solt-lake City-USA, Leukosia and many more tc. MG foundry produces high quality art products in bronze and aluminum using the best material available,  

The 43 years of experience in casting art, the well trained and experienced craftsmen’s the modern and well equipped establishments guarantee the highly quality results of its products, best value for your money and on time delivery.

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